Celebrating International Women’s Day

Apple a Day Blog | March 08, 2018

Today, International Women’s Day, 21st Century Oncology celebrates the courage, strength, and grace of women fighting cancer.

Recently in our Las Vegas office, 21st Century Oncology hosted a Look Good Feel Better® class to honor our female cancer patients. During cancer treatment, visible side effects like changes in nails and skin, as well as hair loss can occur. Especially for women, this can be very frustrating.

Open to all women with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or other forms of treatment, Look Good Feel Better offers beauty classes with a specially trained cosmetologist. Here, women undergoing cancer treatment can come together to try skin products, makeup and wigs. Participants also receive a packed bag with high-end makeup to try out in class and a wig to take home. During class, the volunteers show participants how to use the makeup in their bags and explain some tips and tricks for a general skincare routine during treatment.

“This is the first time my mother has opened up since the diagnosis. She looks beautiful,” says the daughter of one of the participants in Las Vegas.

The class is also an opportunity to talk with other cancer patients in a private, female-only environment. Look Good Feel Better® events are meant to give women undergoing treatment a time and place to have a little fun and possibly find new makeup or hair to make them feel a little better.

Find a Look Good Feel Better® workshop here http://lookgoodfeelbetter.org/programs/program-finder/

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